Pharmacy Technician II Levine Cancer Institute Kenilworth Infusion Center FT

  • Charlotte
  • Atrium Health


Job Summary

This position is Sign-On bonus eligible.

M-F 0700 to 1530

Assists the registered pharmacists in performing technical duties related to thepreparation and distribution of various oral and intravenous medications. Demonstratesproficiency in all areas. Duties are performed under the supervision of a registeredpharmacist.

Essential Functions

  • Follows standard work processes
  • Fills and delivers medication orders for all age groups under the directsupervision of a pharmacist.
  • Answers and screens telephone calls and refers calls to a pharmacist whenappropriate.
  • Performs cart fills, refills automated dispensing machines, restocks emergencyboxes and kits.
  • Processes charges and credits for medications.
  • Compounds and repackages oral medications.
  • Documents and delivers controlled substances.
  • Compounds sterile preparations utilizing proper aseptic technique; follows USP797 guidelines.
  • Compounds hazardous high-risk preparations utilizing proper aseptic technique;follows USP 800 guidelines.
  • Performs medication reconciliation for patients being admitted to the hospital.
  • Performs computer order entry of ambulatory prescriptions independently.
  • Trains and orients new teammates to department workflow and procedures.
  • Troubleshoots departmental equipment problems and drug distribution problems.
  • Solves problems independently and seeks additional activities when requiredwork is complete.
  • Accepts assignments in non-primary areas or facilities.
  • Adheres to all Atrium Health policies and procedures

Physical Requirements

Works primarily in the pharmacy. Delivers medications to nursing units. Requiresconsiderable walking, standing, pushing mobile cart of 50 pounds maximum and lifting25 pounds of material. May be required to frequently stretch, bend, squat, or kneel toperform job. Utilizes appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimizeexposure to hazardous agents. Takes necessary precautions to avoid inadvertentneedle sticks, minor cuts or bruises. Exposed to various conditions throughout theworkday such as walking on hard surfaces, climbing stairs and changes in temperatureand humidity. Must be able to perform manipulative skills such as writing, typing, anddata entry into the computer and automated dispensing machines. Must have use ofboth hands, be able to see clearly and read small type such as that on unit-dosemedication packages and syringes. Must be able to speak and be understood by othersto communicate effectively. Must be able to hear normal sounds with moderatebackground noises. Involves rotating shifts.

Education, Experience and Certifications

High School Diploma or GED required. Pharmacy Technician Board Certificate is required and must be maintained. 12 months prior Pharmacy Technician experience preferred. IV admixture experience preferred Must be in good standing with the organization