Intensive Care Unit - Registered Nurse

  • Seattle
  • Trusted Health

Trusted is seeking an experienced nurse for this exciting travel nursing assignment. Trusted has streamlined the travel nursing experience by enabling nurses to apply directly to jobs without the need for recruiters. This unique approach provides more transparency, eliminates pesky calls from recruiters, and puts more money in your pocket. Join the thousands of nurses across the country who have already made the switch to a more modern way to work.


• 24 months of role experience is required.

• 60 months of Intensive Care Unit experience is required.

• 12 months of travel experience is required.

• Experience with Cerner is preferred.


• Candidates must have a Washington license or compact license prior to placement start.

• This role may require floating to additional units and locations

• Candidates must live at least 50 miles away from this facility in order to be considered a traveler when applying for this role.

• COVID vaccination required for onboarding. Religious and medical declinations accepted.

Pre-employment modules may be required for this role. Please upload any certifications or health documents you have to your profile to expedite your on-boarding process.

Additional Information:

An interview may not be available prior to offer.

If you have a multistate/compact nursing license, you will be required to complete a one time 6 hour suicide prevention training according to the WA state regulations. (Nursing positions only)

Nights, Weekends as needed, First to Float -Region I: Primary to Virginia Mason Medical Center, but if needed, travelers will be required to float throughout Region One: St. Anne Hospital – Burien, WA; St. Francis Hospital – Federal Way, WA; Virginia Mason Medical Center – Seattle, WA

Must Have: 5 years of CVICU, CCU or cardiac specific critical care.

Common diagnoses/Types of patients: “Only ICU Mixed diagnosis medical and surgical ICU, Heavy Cardiothoracic surgery, post open hearts immediate post op and POD1-2, valves, PA caths, ECMO VV and VA, transvenous or epicardial pacers on 50% of patients. Multisystem organ failure, resp. failure, renal failure, heart failure, vascular surgery, stroke, interventional neuro and transcatheter interventional patients, head bleeds, thrombectomies, Ventrics and lumbar drains. DKA, complex GI surgeries, liver failure, sepsis. ECMO VV and VA- (travelers can do a checklist to take these).

Must have experience with temporary pacers- 50% of patients Care of stroke patients, Experience with at least one of the following devices such as Impella, IABP, *CRRT(preferred- Prismaflex), Ventrics, ECMO. Ok with first time travelers if have above experience - Are RNs required to titrate drips? : Yes - Common titratable &/or set rate drips: Inotropes, vasopressors, vasodilators- all critical care drips.

Shifts & Scheduling: 7a-7p, 12 hour shifts. Block scheduling is allowed when feasible, manager makes initial schedule and with the next open schedule, travelers self schedule with Kronos.

Weekend Requirements: Every other weekend. Potentially more. Days: Sat/Sun NIghts: Fri/Sat - Holiday Requirements: If holiday falls within contract and there is a need travelers would work, perm staff have scheduled holidays

No, opportunity for overtime

Floating Requirements: anywhere in house, prioritize floating to progressive care: 1:3 ratios, neuro progressive care 1:3 ratios, Med Surg 1:5 ratios

36 Guaranteed hours.

Scrub Color/Dress Code: Royal Blue, white or grey as secondary colors

Virginia Mason only has one ICU, so they care for all types of ICU patients.

2 references from last 12 months (Nurse Manager reference type)


• BLS (Basic Life Support)

• ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support)

• NIHSS (NIH Stroke Scale)

  • Skills Checklist: Yes
  • References: Yes
  • License Type: registered
  • License State: WA
  • Certifications: Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, NIH Stroke Scale, Basic Life Support
Job Details
  • Job Type: Travel
  • Nurse/Patient: 1/1-2
  • Shift Type: Night
  • Contract Date: 2023-10-02
  • Expected Length: 13 weeks
  • Hours per Shift: 12
  • Shifts per Week: 3