Educational Technician III/BHP

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*We are seeking a dynamic, friendly, student-centered Educational Technician to join Portland Public Schools. The successful candidate will be skilled at connecting with and supporting students by providing the accommodations outlined in their IEPs. Communicating and interacting with students and colleagues are essential in this role. *

*Qualifications - Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: *

* *Understanding of the teaching/learning process.*
* *Excellent organizational skills.*
* *Willingness to hold students accountable without escalating them.*
* *Willingness to learn about and address opportunity gaps for students by knowing them well.*
* *Ability to work effectively with colleagues, students and families to meet the needs of students.*


* Approval as an Educational Technician III by the Maine Department of Education. In the alternative, Maine provisional or professional teacher certification.
* Preference will be given to candidates with a college degree that includes nine credit hours related to an education field such as behavior management or classroom strategies, and to candidates who have at least one year of experience working with students in structured situations.


* Maine State fingerprint (CHRC) authorization. Website:
* Maine State Educational Technician 023 & 028 authorization. Website:

Job Type: Full-time

* 8 hour shift

Work Location: One location