Clinical Program Manger

  • Tigard
  • New Narrative
Purpose: (General description and summary)

This position is responsible for program supervision and oversight of the Rehabilitation/Outpatient clinical services at the Spring Creek Center site. Assures quality service and collaborative relationships with all stakeholders, including State, County, and community agencies. Works with the agency management team to ensure implementation of best practices, positive program outcomes, and continued quality service.

Accountabilities: (Responsibilities of the job)

Talent Management:

Provides bi-weekly program supervision to supervisees; conducts group supervision in program team meetings and provides employee training as needed.
Initiates recruiting, hiring, training, and discipline of employees
Backs up the Clinical Director for after-hours consultation and crisis response
Develop a team culture in line with person-first values of the agency
Conducts timely employee performance reviews, provides on-going performance improvement feedback and coaching.
Manages distribution of caseloads, checks accuracy of enrollments in the database and oversees the program and eligibility requirements of County General Fund individuals. Interfaces with staff members and external sources to confirm the accuracy of individual service notes and submission of authorization payments. Confirms the accuracy of CPMS enrollments, terminations and transfers.
Collaborates with the Clinical Director to ensure the program training recommendations align with the organization’s processes and programs
Collaborates to integrate Peer Delivered Services within the agency.
Coordinates assignment of new intakes to providers and monitors level of service entry and conclusion.
Assists prescribers to coordinate with other agency employees and acts as liaison for prescriber within the agency
Demonstrates strong leadership
Works closely with direct reports and management team to identify development training plans and programs.
Collaborates with the New Narrative Leadership and other managers to ensure the program training recommendations align with the organization’s processes and programs
Performs other incidental and related duties as required and completes in a timely manner.

Agency Development:

Support and champion FIT implementation within the clinic including but not limited to training and supervision
Participates in committee meetings addressing quality of care. Committee review includes utilization in the following areas: services, medication management, prescriber and hospitalizations.
Coordinates site reviews, audits, chart reviews, and certificate requirements. Attends all county level meetings as required.
Actively contributes or co-chairs internal staff meetings as required.
Participates in subcommittees related to agency and talent development.

Documentation Accountability:

Routinely audits charts of individuals engaged in services and program documentation.
Reviews and approves individual service and support plan, plan revisions and annual re-authorization paperwork.
Works with Quality Improvement team to conduct case review and OAR compliance.

Positions Reporting: (Listing of job incumbents reporting into this position)

Spring Creek Mental Health Clinicians, Clinical Case Managers, and Participant Benefits Coordinator. Skills trainers and interns as applicable.

Core Competencies: (Listing of skills, abilities, characteristics and knowledge)

Leadership: Leads by example, works to develop team’s skills and core competencies.
Communication: Clear, direct and concise. Keeps people informed. Listens effectively to others.
Teamwork: Effective at working in team situations.
Initiative/Results Orientation: Originates action. Finds ways to get things done.
Quality: Promotes continuous improvement. Effectively utilizes data.
Individual Responsiveness: Responds well to internal or external individual needs.
Analytical Thinking: Attention to detail over sustained periods of time and ability to analyze data and recognize trends.
Dependability: Counted on to follow through on commitments; at work each day and on time; work completed in a timely fashion.
Independence: Receives no instruction on routine work; with general instruction on new assignments.
Aptitude: Ability to comprehend and apply new ideas, processes, procedures, or training.
Organizational Awareness: Understands the culture of the organization; interests and concerns of various groups/individuals. Follows established polices, procedures and protocols.
Sensitive Information: Exposure to highly confidential information. Must maintain the highest level of discretion and organization’s security at all times.
Motivate: On-going ability to motivate others and remain consistently enthusiastic.
Demeanor: Remaining calm in a crisis situation, empathetic, unbiased and excellent interpretation skills.


Applicant must be a Qualified Mental Health Professional with a Master’s Degree in Counseling, Social Work, or related field. Must complete LPC, LCSW, or LMFT licensure within 6 months of hire. CADC preferred. Completion of 30 hours of post-master’s degree supervision training preferred.


A minimum of five years post-graduate as well as supervisory experience preferred. A minimum of two years’ experience in community mental health and/or working within Medicaid funded services is preferred. A minimum of one year working with Psychiatric Residential Treatment Services programs preferred.
Applicant must possess the skills necessary to work independently, including support and supervise staff, respond to crisis, and interface with stakeholders, requires sophisticated clinical judgment and decision making.